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Novara Law Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of Insurance Industry in Michigan Supreme Court Premises Liability Case


Novara Law is at the cutting edge of the threat to the application of the Open and Obvious Doctrine in Michigan premises liability cases, currently under consideration by the Michigan Supreme Court. 

Karen Ludden, chair of Novara Law’s Commercial Insurance Division, filed an amicus curiae brief on behalf of the Insurance Alliance of Michigan and Acuity Insurance this week, offering the insurance industry’s point of view on why it is so important that the high court uphold the status quo.

Ludden said, “We’re advocating for the Michigan Supreme Court to keep the Open and Obvious Doctrine as-is, which requires the trial court to decide as a matter of law that there is no duty to business invitees when a hazard is open and obvious, absent certain narrow circumstances.”

Novara Law’s Commercial Insurance team handles premises liability defense cases for apartment complexes, storefront businesses, snow-plow companies and maintenance companies. Our lawyers have up to 30 years of experience defending commercial insureds in every type of liability case.

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