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For Employee Benefit Plans, data security and cyber threats have risen quickly to the forefront of compliance concerns. These plans, their plan sponsors, and their service providers represent a target rich environment for hackers given the wide ranging and deep pool of personal, financial, and medical information these entities possess, utilize, and transfer between each other on a daily basis.   

As a result of the numerous employee benefit plans we represent across the country, our Employee Benefits Practice Group is uniquely positioned to assist these plans in preventing and responding to data breaches.  We protect the interests of employee benefit plans by ensuring that contracts contain appropriate mitigation, cyber-insurance, data protection, business resiliency, and data security practices. We also advise on implementation of the Department of Labor’s best practices on cyber security for employee benefit plans governed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act or ERISA. In the event of a breach, we can quickly marshal the resources necessary to ensure that the affected provider responds appropriately, notifies plan participants and insurance carriers in a timely manner, and can further engage with outside IT security experts to make certain clients are protected and kept informed on the progress of the breach response. 

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