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When does litigation end? Just because a judge has granted summary disposition or a jury has returned a verdict does not necessarily mean that a case has come to a close. Many times, the fight continues on appeal. 

Novara Law’s appellate team understands the importance of preparing for a potential appeal throughout the litigation process—and sometimes before a lawsuit has even been filed.

Our appellate lawyers specialize in handling appeals at all levels, on cases where we have been counsel throughout litigation, as well as on new matters that were previously handled by other attorneys. Our appellate lawyers consult on strategy and issue framing during all stages of a case, while always keeping in mind that every appeal holds the possibility of creating new legal rules that apply beyond the present lawsuit.

Novara Law’s appellate team brings to bear a vast array of legal experience on client matters—from pre-litigation legal opinions to interlocutory matters and post-trial appeals. With keen issue analysis, vibrant brief writing, and dynamic oral presentations, our appellate lawyers are well-equipped to serve our clients on any project, no matter the size or issue.

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